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Qualified Management Network (QMnet) is a project of Leading Consultation International, LLC. It serves as a platform to connect management professionals (consultants, practitioners, scholars) to businesses and to each other for networking and collaboration, and in support of continuous learning.

We strive to become the preferred home for management professionals and those seeking management-relevant consultation and research collaboration.

QMnet offers several tiers of membership packages and benefits designed to meet the needs of three types of members: management professionals, businesses, and business schools / universities.

who we are

Leading Consultation International, LLC (LCI) was founded in 2019 to connect organizations and individuals with the right experts to suit their managerial, analytical, developmental, and coaching needs. By connecting leaders to a community of qualified management experts and by providing resources that empower each of these parties to flourish, QMnet serves as a valuable community-centric extension of this service.

Frankie J. Weinberg, MBA, Ph.D.,
CEO and Founding Member

our community values

QMnet is guided by the following five core values:






Please visit our vision & values page for further detail.

let’s build a strong community together.

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