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Qualified Management Network

QMnet. Our members call it their home within our profession.
We call it “the Q.”

Connecting management professionals and businesses in an interactive networking and learning community


Become integrated within a community of professionals dedicated to management practice.


Build connections to members whose talents and resources complement your own, and to businesses who can benefit from your expertise.


Access our library of created and curated resources that bridge the gap between practice and research, designed to help you and your business flourish.

Management Professionals

Three tiers of professional memberships for qualified management experts


Three tiers of business membership, starting with free access to our network.

Business School / University

Three tiers of university membership provide access to groups of expert team members

About Us

A networked community of professionals seeking collaborators, allies, mentoring, and continuous learning from colleagues equally dedicated to management practice.

U.S.-based, with a global home.

More About Us

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